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Subscription Plans

We offer plans in the form of an an annual subscription with a one-month trial period, based on the number of object records you need hosted. Plans start at 10,000 records and increase in increments of 10,000.
Disk space must take into account three sets of data. Your image files will constitute the largest set. Assuming an average 100 Kbytes per large image, 5-10 Kbytes per image thumbnail, and 2-3 Kbytes for data, our plans should offer more than sufficient space for the web catalogue of a small to medium sized museum. In the event that your actual disk usage exceeds the limit of your plan, we will work with you to either upgrade you to the appropriate plan, or work with you to reduce the file sizes of your large images. In the event that your actual bandwidth exceeds the limit of your plan, there will be no additional charge.
In the unlikely event that visitation and use of your web catalogue places a substantial load on our server (Which means you are getting thousands of daily visitors. Wouldn't THAT be great!), we will honour your subscription until it is up for renewal, but may renegotiate our agreement and subscription rate with you.
Your web catalogue will be hosted under the domain, with a subdomain name of your choice (unless it is already taken, and so long as it is limited to URL valid characters.)
PlanObject RecordsLimitsRates
NameMin NumberMax NumberDisk spaceBandwidthTrialAnnual
10K 1 10,000 2.0 GB 20 GB/mo $39.95 $479.40
20K 10,001 20,000 4.0 GB 40 GB/mo $49.95 $599.40
30K 20,001 30,000 6.0 GB 60 GB/mo $59.95 $719.40
40K 30,001 40,000 8.0 GB 80 GB/mo $69.95 $839.40
50K 40,001 50,000 10.0 GB 100 GB/mo $79.40 $959.40
If you have a larger collection and are interested in our service and web catalogue, please inquire at . The MuseumHosting web catalogue is capable of handling collections with over 100,000 records.
Rates & Payment
We accept on-line payments for subscriptions via PayPal. (Visa, Mastercard, and other credit cards can be used to make payment, but PayPal does require you to set up an account with them.) Payment via PayPal is made in the form of a subscription, or recurring billing. You will be charged once, at the beginning of the trial period, and at the trial period rate. At the end of the trial period, your account will then be charged for a full year subscription service. On the last day of each subscription year, your PayPal account will automatically be charged for the next year's service. You can cancel your subscription at any time to prevent your account from being automatically charged, without affecting your service for the cuurent annual period.
Your trial subscription is for a period of one-month. During this time, we will upload and import your data and images, work with you to configure searching and reporting of your data according to your needs, and configure the web pages according to your taste. In the remaining time, you and your staff can evaluate the web catalogue and inform us as to what needs to be fixed or changed. In most cases, we will have your data and images uploaded and imported with at least a minimal configuration, in less than a week. If you find that the MuseumHosting web catalogue is not going to work for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time before the trial period is up.
On the day after your trial period ends, your account will be automatically charged in advance for the next twelve months. You can cancel the subscription before this time through your PayPal account.
Please contact us at sales@museumhosting when you are ready to proceed, or if you have any pre-subscription questions.