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Introduction is an on-line collections catalogue service for museums and institutions that wish to make their objects and associated images available to the public. We offer an inexpensive solution to quickly publish your collections data and images in a searchable web catalogue.

We offer your visitors the ability to comprehensively search the objects and images in your on-line collections catalogue. Visitors can view summary information that briefly describes the object or image. Visitors can do keyword searches from a single form field (à la google), or, they can conduct more specific searches by multiple data fields.

Object data can include, but are not limited to, photographs, books, archival documents, natural history objects, cultural or archaeological objects, or collectible objects of any kind. In short, MuseumHosting is suitable for any type of curated or archived objects and their associated digital images.

Museums have never been rich. Most museums need to apply for a grant or find a wealthy donor, to publish an on-line collections catalogue on the web. That is no longer necessary!


We Sweat the Details
No hardware or software to purchase, license, install, configure, repair, or manage. No training or special expertise required. No vendors or consultants needed. We handle the configuration details for you.
Customized look-and-feel
Supply us with the details of your institution's web site style (we will need the HTML snippets of your header, footer, and sidebars, and the relevant image files and CSS files), and we should be able to give your MuseumHosting web catalogue a similar look and feel.
Designed to be inexpensive for the small museums and organizations that cannot afford the cost of their own dedicated web server. Only a low periodic subscription rate that you can cancel at any time. Starting at an effective monthly rate as low as $39.95 for up to 10,000 object records.
Try it and Stay ... Or walk Away!
When you subscribe, we offer a one month trial period in which to send us your data and images, have us configure the search fields and reports, and style the pages. You can then evaluate it before you are charged for the full year. You must be satisfied that it meets your needs, has all the data and images you sent us, and looks good to boot! If you like the results, stay. If not, cancel your subscription (before the one month trial ends) having invested no more than the fee for one month.
Development is on-going.  A minor feature is added every several weeks.   A major feature is added every few months.  Take a look at our full list of features, all of which have been developed progressively over the last couple years.

Service provides all the hardware and software to publish your data to the web. We have written a simple web-based collections catalogue application to search and report on the types of data recorded in museum collections management systems, in ways that are useful to both your visiting public, as well as to staff and researchers.

We lease high-end web servers from a commercial data colocation center. Your hosted environment is configured as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) using the open source LAMP stack.

Although our company is named, we are not in the business of hosting the principal web site of museums. We are looking to meet the needs of small museums, archives, libraries, historical societies, researchers, and individuals, who need a web catalogue application at a very low price.


Our service is available in the form of an annual subscription. A trial period of one month preceding the annual period is available, during which you can evaluate how well the web catalogue meets your needs, as well as our responsiveness in getting your data, images, and pages configured.